Flori pentru mame

No woman can be strong, gentle, pure, and good, without the World being better for it, without somebody being helped and comforted by the very existence of that goodness.

Phillips Brooks


I’m fairly certain that Anna had never been seriously abused. Badly neglected, yes. But Anna still kept hold of her idea of the perfect mother.

Anna’s “Darling Mummy” was no real person. But something like putting together the jigsaw of the many stories she wrote about her ideas…

” Mummy is not like no one els becas she dont have to speak if she dont want to. And somtime it is nice when she dont speak and somtime it is nice when she do speak. Becas when she dont speak, Mummy smile and this is very good. Mummy has got a speshul smile and you dont no where it is going to start. Somtime it start from her toes and somtime from her finger and somtime from her tummy and then it pop out of her eye and out of her mouth and this is very nice becas you now it is coming and you wate for it to cume. So it cum like a pressant wich is a big surprise. And wat is nice about Mummy is watever she do is like a pressant. And wen you think about Mummy this is good too. Wen you think about peple you can think bad thing and narsty thing like hurt and pane and sick, but wen you think about Mummy, you cant. and you can only think nice thing that are happy like Mister God. And warm. And how nice to be me, becas if I was not me I would not know, would I?”

(Anna’s Book– Fynn)


“El te va iubi, te va binecuvanta si te va inmulti”

Deuteronom 7:13

flori3Florile pictate va sunt daruite de Baietelul de argint!

La multi ani, mame dragi!



  1. La multi ani, draga Raluca!
    Multumim din suflet pentru urari si florile superbe!!!

    • Va imbratisam cu drag, Camelia!

  2. Connie_Sara

    Ce picturi frumoase!!!! La multi ani Ralu, La multi ani Cati Capsunica! ❤

    • Multumim, Connie, si mie imi sunt tare dragi aceste flori 🙂

  3. La multi ani si voua fetelor!
    Pupici de la noi 🙂

  4. Ce frumoase sunt!… Și eu sunt foarte bucuroasă că băiețelul meu de 3 ani jumătate a reușit să de deseneze singurel o floare: http://prosanthropos.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/felicitari-de-primavara/

    • O, ce dulci sunt felicitarile facute de micutul tau!!! Imi plac cele cu animale in mod deosebit!

      • Mulțumim Raluca. Adevărul este că cei mici ne aduc multe bucurii… 🙂


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